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The Most Fierce Assault on Ukrainian Positions by the Invaders Took Place in Bakhmut: Did the City-fortress Survive?

by Adan Siurana

The situation with the occupiers with supplies and the fire component in Bakhmut is better than in other locations, despite Prigozhin’s statements about “shell hunger”.

The military-political observer of the Information Resistance group Alexander Kovalenko said that on the night of May 8, most likely, there was the most fierce assault on the Ukrainian positions in Bakhmut by the occupiers.

The military expert wrote about this on his page.

“The same case when Prigozhin’s words should be halved and even multiplied by zero. Somewhere, somewhere, and in the Bakhmut area, they have a situation with supplies and a fire component better than in other locations. But, despite the fact that yesterday a wide range of means and manpower, the occupiers failed to achieve the agreed result,” he said.

According to him, on the morning of May 8, Ukrainian forces control all the main positions. An attempt to break through the defenses at Tchaikovsky was crowned with a “short-term “success” for the occupied.

“In addition, they are trying to become more active in the fields, that is, they are increasingly intensifying assault operations in the direction of Khromovoe and Ivanovskoye, as well as with the capture in Minkovka and southwest of Ivanovskoye. But this intensification also does not bring them significant results,” he stressed. . .

The situation in Bakhmut escalated – ISW analysts

Analysts at the Institute for the Study of War (ISW) , citing the Russian Ministry of Defense, reported that infidels are having some success in Bakhmut. So, allegedly, the “Wagnerites” moved further west in Bakhmut and near Sacco and Vanzetti (15 km north of Bakhmut). The Ukrainian side did not comment on this statement.

According to military expert Alexander Kovalenko, despite the numerical advantage in manpower and equipment, the Russian invaders will not be able to achieve the complete occupation of Bakhmut before May 9. He noted that the Russian invaders were mired in the fields and on the approaches to high-rise buildings in the city. This testifies to their limited offensive capabilities in the current conditions.

Source: TSN

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