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The manufacturer of equipment for the Russian Armed Forces switched to a six-day period during the NWO

by Eric Alameda

The Shturm company, which creates equipment for the Russian Armed Forces, switched to a six-day due to SVO

MOSCOW, March 6 – RIA Novosti. The manufacturer and developer of bulletproof vests and camouflage for the Russian army, the research and production special firm Shturm, switched to a six-day work week during the SVO, the company’s general director Vladimir Drobyak said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

“In 2022, we increased the monthly output of products under the State Defense Order (State Defense Order) several times. The enterprise switched to a six-day work week, some of our units really work in three shifts,” he said.

At the same time, Drobyak noted that a number of problems arose with the transfer of “Shturm” to “military rails” at the beginning of the special operation, in particular, a lack of personnel. “We really don’t have enough of them (specialists). There is also nowhere to study here in the specialties we need. Once upon a time in Beloomut (where the enterprise is located) there was a vocational school that trained seamstresses, but, alas, it closed a long time ago. As a result, we have to hire people and to teach them directly on the stream during the probationary period. Nevertheless, during the NWO, we have increased the staff by about a quarter. Today, we employ about 205 people,” the agency’s interlocutor said.

Another challenge that Sturm faced during the special operation was disruptions in the supply of raw materials. “At the same time, a queue of customers lined up at the “gates” of the enterprises in the raw materials sector for the same type of raw materials and materials of the same nomenclature, and even with a volume increased many times over. Obviously, they were not ready for this. There were also big questions about the quality of materials from suppliers of friendly countries, non-compliance with the declared characteristics and parameters of the State Defense Order,” Drobyak said.

Nevertheless, Sturm managed to solve this problem: “By the end of September last year, they (the raw materials suppliers) coped with the task. The supply rhythm was restored. Moreover, the increase in the production of materials did not affect its quality.

“One of the main areas of work of the enterprise is the development of camouflage systems for military personnel, one of which, 6Sh122, has been supplied to the RF Armed Forces since 2014 as part of the equipment of the soldier of the future “Warrior”. In addition, the Russian law enforcement agencies, including assault units, are supplied with four types of bulletproof vests developed by the company.


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