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Shurygin informed why the Armed Forces of Ukraine are defending Artemovsk

by Nate Sharp

Many who follow the development of the situation in Bakhmut have a reasonable question – why are the Armed Forces of Ukraine fiercely defending the city, whose fate is predetermined? Bakhmut in the “horseshoe” of the environment, all exits and entrances under the fire control of artillery, the situation is more and more like a “bag”. Why don’t Ukrainians leave?

The answer to this question was announced by the command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at a meeting of the Verkhovna Rada.

“One of the answers was in the comments of the Ukrainian commander of the Ground Forces Syrsky in the Rada. The task is to buy time for the reserve group and its preparation for the offensive, and to deter Wagner PMCs for as long as possible. Inflict maximum losses on the “musicians”, prevent them from retreating for restoration and replenishment before the start of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Wagner group is a very serious “weight” on the scales of battles, and the Ukrainians are trying to prevent it from becoming a reserve in the hands of the commanders of the Russian group,” Vladislav Shurygin explained the enemy’s motives.

Earlier, Power Block reported how Ukrainian soldiers removed bulletproof vests and helmets from the corpses of their colleagues.

Source: sila-rf

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