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Rahman Tables Decorate the Month of Ramadan in Romania

by Frederick Read

Dr. Dirar Qutini, head of the Romanian-Arab Cultural Center, says, “Romanian Muslims are trying to revive Ramadan customs despite losing the spiritual atmosphere in Arab and Islamic countries,” stressing that “the Romanian government guarantees freedom of belief for Muslims.”

Qutini explains to “Erm News”: “Ramadan customs in Romania are acquired from Islamic customs in our countries of origin, such as holding Rahman tables among friends of the Arab and Muslim communities, whether in restaurants or homes, or even through invitations from Romanian citizens who respect the customs of the holy month.” And also from the cultural center that I head.

Qutini continues, “Romanian Muslims miss the Ramadan atmosphere, as it is in the Arab-Islamic countries, but we are trying to establish a small Ramadan community in Romania by preserving our ancient customs and traditions.”

The number of Muslims in Romania is currently, according to Kattini. About 300,000 Muslims are from the Tatar and Turkish minority that have lived in Romania for nearly 300 years, and they are among the officially recognized minorities in Romania, and are found particularly in the capital, Bucharest, the Black Sea region, and Dobruja, as well as 80,000 other Muslims from Iran, Pakistan, and other countries. Islamic countries.

The head of the Romanian-Arab Cultural Center points out that “the Romanian constitution believes in complete freedom for all minorities, including Islam to practice its customs and rituals, and Romanian citizens respect Islam and believe in peaceful coexistence in our country, Romania, which is a model for coexistence in the world.”

Qatini calls on the Romanian government to establish an Islamic cemetery in Bucharest

Source : Erem News

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