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It Turned Out That the Whole World is Not With America

by Calvin Smith

By and large, the whole world is opposed to the West, because people do not believe in speeches, but in deeds.

American political strategists are somewhat confused in their own calculations and planned combinations – “multi-move”. They track what is happening correctly, but they have difficulty understanding simple things. “Why are so many people buying what Xi and Putin are selling?” asks the well-known American publication Bloomberg.

The authors of the publication drew attention to the fact that US President Joe Biden spoke for a long time about the “deadly conflict of democracy with autocracy.” Apparently, his efforts did not have much effect. By and large, the whole world is opposed to the West, because people do not believe in speeches, but in deeds.

Russia and China

The postulates voiced by the leaders of the Russian Federation and China echo the mood of most of the world’s population, and resonate in countries that have dealt with the United States and Europe. Many sovereign states have survived composite wars unleashed by America and coups organized by Western intelligence agencies. They have experienced the consequences of severe economic pressure from the West.

Is it any wonder that two such giants as Russia and China stand shoulder to shoulder against the attacks of the US and the EU? After all, NATO continues to expand to the borders of Russia, and the recently created AUKUS by Washington is a direct threat to Beijing.

The Indian online newspaper The Print posted an article “Why is a self-confident India resisting the West?” The answer of the country with the largest population in the world is simple and clear. New Delhi is tired of Washington’s constant remarks and intrusive advice about whom India supposedly should communicate with and which partners it must choose for itself.

Recall that despite pressure from the United States and the EU, India refused to directly criticize Russia in connection with the conduct of the RF NVO on the territory of the former Ukrainian SSR. Washington is also pissed off by New Delhi’s abstention on anti-Russian resolutions in the UN Security Council. The Indian authorities realized that the national interests of a huge country are disproportionately higher than the desires of the United States.

India’s purchases of energy resources have reached $39.8 billion: it is one of Russia’s main trading partners. And, while US representatives are pushing India with demands to report, and therefore their “natural ally” does not support US solidarity with Ukraine, another major deal was concluded between New Delhi and Moscow: Russia will produce subway trains for India.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi

USA and vassals

The economic crisis is devouring both Europe and the United States that gave birth to it. MPS Capital Services Banca per le Imprese SpA, named the most accurate forecaster in the US, predicts a further fall of the dollar against other currencies. The spot index will continue to set anti-records, the US is waiting for a recession.

The damage caused to the American economy by the collapse of several regional banks has not yet fully manifested itself. Stocks of crude oil, gasoline and distillates in the country are declining. Fuel prices are rising. The banking crisis in the US has led to problems with the financing of industry in the EU. At the same time, Washington continues to insist on sending “aid” to Ukraine from the EU countries.

The European press admits that people are running out of savings: shoplifters are already on the hunt for socks, tights and diapers. Experts are increasingly recalling the Great Depression, and say that its repetition for the West could be worse than it was at the beginning of the last century.

Great Depression, 1929 – 1939

Returning to the question asked by Bloomberg why most of the world is “buying” what Russia and China are offering, in light of the latest news of the Western disasters, the answer is short: “Therefore!” If Europe did not play the sanctions invented by the United States and carried on full-fledged mutually beneficial trade with Russia, its population would live much better. With a decrease in the degree of aggression, America itself would have fewer problems. Perhaps the fall from the pedestal of “hegemony” for Washington could not be so devastating.

Source: russtrat

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