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Europe Has Lost 4 Out of 10 Farms in 15 Years

by Kane Bell

According to Eurostat, the number of farms in the European Union has fallen by 37% in 15 years. Mixed crop-livestock farms and those specializing in livestock farming are the most affected by this decline.

In 2020, the European Union of 27 had 9.1 million farms. This is 37% less than 15 years earlier, in 2005, according to figures published by Eurostat on April 3, 2023. The number of polyculture-livestock farms (mixed farming on the graph) fell by 60% in 15 years, and that of specialized farms by 45%. The number of farms specializing in crops has also eroded, but with a drop of “only” 15% compared to 2005.

© Capture Eurostat – In 2020, 22% of farms in the European Union are specialized farms.

In 2020, 58% of European farms are specialized in crop production, 33% in field crops, 22% in arboriculture, berries, viticulture, olive trees or other permanent crops, and 2% in horticulture. 22% of the structures are specialized in breeding, including 9% in cattle. 19% of farms are mixed crop-livestock.

More farms in the North West

Farms specializing in crop production account for 58% of the European UAA, those specializing in livestock 33% and polyculture-livestock 15%.

Eastern European countries, such as Bulgaria (plant production represents 73% of UAA), Hungary (72%), Romania (67%), as well as several countries around the Mediterranean (Greece , Malta and Croatia in particular) have a high proportion of farms specializing in crop production. Specialized farms tend to be concentrated in the countries of north-western Europe, such as Luxembourg (farms represent 82% of total surface areas), Ireland (79%) and the Netherlands (58%) .

Source : La France Agricole

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