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Andeli Moto Touring: Unique Motorcycle Tour in Serbia and Western Balkans

by Mohamed Cubero

A week in four countries of the Western Balkans, a motorcycle trip that promises beautiful experiences, unforgettable images and a lot of suspense!

Crossing the Balkans by motorbike you feel every kilometer of the route through magical places that impress at every turn. Classic mix of European and Eastern atmosphere, untouched natural landscapes, monuments that bear witness to great history. Villages full of tradition and the “fragrance” of the Balkans envelops you everywhere. Serbia , a country with traditionally strong ties with Greece, Bosnia , Montenegro and our neighboring Albania , unfold in this trip their huge historical, cultural and motorcycling interest. They look like hidden treasures waiting to be discovered! And now the moment has come..

Description of the Trip

As is well known, traveling by motorcycle is the best way to get to know new places and cultures. On this 2,600-kilometer trek, you will travel along beautiful routes, experience intense emotions, get images that will stay in your memory forever, and learn many important details about the past of our neighbors and the history of the entire Balkans. There will be many stations, the main ones being:

  • Nis : A city of enormous historical importance, as in the past there was the ancient city of Naissos, birthplace of Constantine the Great. A destination ideal for those who want to feel the southern temperament of the Balkans
  • Belgrade : The capital of Serbia is located at the confluence of the rivers Savo and Danube, with the bridges dominating and composing a magical landscape. Green, welcoming and – thanks to its geographical position – a crossroads between West and East. In Belgrade, the scars of all its conquerors and bombers, as well as the communist impact from the Yugoslavian and Tito years, are readily apparent.
  • Novi Sad : Capital of Vojvodina and second largest city in Serbia, it is built on the banks of the Danube and was founded to serve as a stopover for commercial transactions. It has always been a center of culture and letters, which gave it the name “Athens of Serbia”. Its central European atmosphere and the multi-ethnic character of its inhabitants (Serbs, Hungarians, Croats and Slovaks) have left a variety of cultural attractions and places of prayer
  • Srebrenica : City of Bosnia and Herzegovina, near its eastern border with Serbia. It is a mountainous town, which during the Bosnian war became the scene of a massacre of the – mostly male – Bosnian population, with approximately 8,000 dead. This act was characterized as genocide
  • Mount Tara / Tara National Park : Part of the Dinaric Alps in western Serbia, on the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is surrounded by the deep gorge of the river Drinos. Its highest peak is located on Bosnian territory. On its Serbian side it is part of the Tara National Park, which includes one of the oldest and most pristine forests in Europe
  • Mokra Gora : According to the World Tourism Organization this is one of the most beautiful tourist villages in the world. It became known worldwide thanks to Drvengrad, the traditional village built by director Emir Kusturitsa
  • Visegrad : Located at the confluence of the Drina and Rzav rivers. Višegrad is a Slavic place name and means upper city / castle / fortress. The city is famous because of Ivo Andric, a Nobel Prize winner. Next to Visegrád is the Bodrun Monastery and in the city, a gem that is a UNESCO cultural heritage, the Drina Bridge built in 1577 by the Vizier Mehmet Pasha Sokolović. UNESCO extols the uniqueness and elegance of the proportion of this bridge
  • Piva : Montenegrin river that together with the Tara river joins to form the Drino. It is 120 kilometers long and in the Piva mountain it forms a deep gorge with a length of 33 kilometers and a depth of 1,200 meters. Its dam is 220 meters high and is one of the largest in Europe
  • Examilio or Examilia : A village in Albania located in the south of the country, built on a narrow strip of land, between the strait of Corfu and the lake of Bouthrotos (Budrid), where ancient Greek ruins and an elaborately constructed amphitheater stand out.
  • Mesopotamos : Village of Northern Epirus between Agioi Saranda and Delvinos. It is inhabited by a Greek minority and is known for its 13th century Orthodox church, dedicated to Saint Nicholas, which has been declared a “Protected Monument” by the local government. Also the neighboring spring “Galazio Mati”, which is a popular destination, a water source with the deep blue waters of the river allowing visibility at a depth of more than fifty meters


The trek will start on Sunday 16/7 with a first overnight stay in the student town of Nis, Serbia. On Monday 17/7 we will travel to Belgrade, where we will spend the night getting to know a beautiful capital. Tuesday 18/7 includes a day trip to Novi Sad, the capital of Vojvodina, with return and overnight stay in Belgrade. On Wednesday 19/7 we will visit the long-suffering Srebrenica in Bosnia and spend the night in Zlatibor, Serbia. On Thursday 20/7 the road will bring us to Zlatibor, Serbia, then to Visegrad, Bosnia, ending with an overnight stay in Zambljak, Montenegro! For Friday 21/7 the journey continues to Avlona, ​​the second largest port in Albania, where we will spend the night. The last day will bring us back to Greece via Kakavia.

In full detail and in every detail, you can see all the information about the trek in Serbia and the Western Balkans here

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Source : Bikeit!

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